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Proper research and scripting is the key to creating a great BtoB video production that meets your objectives.

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We do all our video production in HD to ensure that you have the best image. Our sound gear is top notch too!

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We use the industry standard AVID Media Composer to create finished BtoB videos, no matter how simple or complex.

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Imagine if you will…

… a video production company that actually guarantees their work.

You’ve come to that very place. At Penrose Productions, we guarantee our video work, despite that fact that it’s all custom produced.

How can we do that? It’s simple — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

With over 30 years of experience in the video production field we have learned that we must be in constant communication with our clients to make absolutely sure that we give them a video production that meets their goals and is on budget.

We do that every time. We haven’t had a refund request yet…

We have succeeded in developing a process that allows us to become a part of your team. We work together to make absolutely sure that we have all needed approvals every step of the way. Only then do we go on to the next step.


We don’t accept every video production project that comes along. Sometimes the goals are not well enough defined. Other times we might see a scattered approval chain that spells trouble down the road. And other times, videos are not the correct medium to use to communicate a particular message.

Being able to predict the future path of a video production comes from our decades of experience plus our business background. With an MBA-trained focus, we can evaluate where the project is headed.

So why not take advantage of all that experience. Give us a call or drop us an email and let us know about your next project.

You’ll be glad you did.




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